Cat's Meow Village

Handworks Christmas Cottage is the exclusive dealer for Cat's Meow Village pieces on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Our custom designs depict the historic buildings, lighthouses, ships and landmarks of the six picturesque towns on our beautiful island. Most of our Cat's Meow custom pieces are available only in our shop. When you visit our island be sure and stop by and say hello - Handworks Christmas Cottage., is on the harbor at Dockside Marketplace in the Victorian village of Oak Bluffs. Of course, all of our pieces are also available by calling 800 227-8444. Made in the USA.


If you have any questions call us toll-free at 800 227-8444 or email us at

 Over 30 Vineyard Designs to choice from


 Cat's Meow

The Oak Bluffs Tabernacle

Ferry "Lady Martha"

Flying Horses Carousel

Edgartown Light

Giordano's Restaurant

The Old Whaling Church

Ocean Park Gazebo

Gay Head Lighthouse

Ferry "Islander"

Dr. Daniel Fisher House

Welcome To Martha's Vineyard Sign

Tisbury Shack

East Chop Lighthouse

Black Dog Tavern

Gay Head Cliffs

Cape Pogue Lighthouse

Whale's Tail Sculpture

Old Whaling Church at Christmas

Pink Gingerbread House

Mad Martha's Ice Cream Parlor

Ocean Park Gazebo at Christmas

Wesley House Hotel

Gingerbread Houses - Illumination Night

The Corbin-Norton House

"Island Home" Ferry

Ocean Park Painted Lady

Trinity Circle Cottage

Blue Gingerbread House

Civil War Memorial

Twin Gingerbread Cottages

Trinity Church

Charlotte Inn

Menemsha Bait Shack

Federated Church

The Daggett House

West Chop Light
 Shipping for Cat's Meow pieces is $5.95 for the 1st piece and $.95 for each additional piece shipped to the same address

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The Tabernacle NEW - (Oak Bluffs) Centerpiece of the Oak Bluffs Campmeeting Assoc.Campground $19.95 In Stock


Hy-Line Ferry "Lady Martha"

NEW Hyannis to Martha's Vineyard $18.95 In Stock


"Flying Horses" Carousel - (Oak Bluffs)

$19.95 In Stock

Edgartown Lighthouse (New Design) $19.95  In Stock

Giordano's Restaurant Oak Bluffs (New Design) $19.95  In Stock

Old Whaling Church (New Design) - (Edgartown) $19.95  Sold Out


Gay Head Lighthouse (New Design) - (Aquinah) $19.95 In Stock


Ferry "Islander" - (Martha's Vineyard)

$17.95 In Stock


Dr. Daniel Fisher House - (Edgartown)

$17.95 In Stock

Welcome to Martha's Vineyard Typical island highway sign $15.95 In Stock

Tisbury Shack - (Vineyard Haven) Located on the Lagoon and decorated for Christmas $14.95 In Stock

East Chop Light (New Design) - (Oak Bluffs)

$19.95 In Stock

Black Dog Tavern (New Design) - (Vineyard Haven) World famous restaurant and now a Handworks exclusive $19.95 In Stock



A National Historic Landmark famous for its multi-colored clay cliffs. $17.95 Out of Stock


The islands most remote lighthouse $16.95 In Stock


Whale's Tail Sculpture

A tribute to the Vineyard whalers, located on the harbor in Edgartown

$17.95 In Stock

 West Chop Light Tisbury ... $19.95 In Stock


......Pink Gingerbread.Cottage.....

Oak Bluffs $19.95 In Stock

Mad Martha's Ice Cream Parlor

(New Design) Oak Bluffs $19.95 In Stock


The Ocean Park Gazebo at Christmas

Oak Bluffs $14.95 In Stock


The Wesley House Hotel

Oak Bluffs $19.95 In Stock

......Gingerbread Houses - Illumination Night - Oak Bluffs ... $19.95 In Stock

The Corbin-Norton House .

.Oak Bluffs (New Design) - $19.95 In Stock

Martha's Vineyard Map (New Design)

$19.95 In Stock



Island Home Ferry (New Design) - Woods Hole to Martha's Vineyard. $18.95 In Stock

Ocean Park Painted Lady .

.Oak Bluffs - $19.95 In Stock

Trinity Circle Cottage .

.Oak Bluffs - $19.95 In Stock

Blue Gingerbread House .(New Design)

.Oak Bluffs - $19.95 In Stock


Civil War Memorial .

.Oak Bluffs - $14.95 In Stock

Twin Gingerbread Cottages(New Design) .

.Oak Bluffs - $19.95 Sold Out


Trinity Church .

.Oak Bluffs - $19.95 Sold Out



Menemsha Bait Shack .(New Design)

.Menemsha - $19.95 In Stock

Federated Church Edgartown

$15.95 In Stock

The Daggett House - Edgartown .$17.95 In Stock

 Shipping is $5.95 for the 1st piece and $.95 each for every additional piece.

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